strona do druku

December 30, 2008


     Each family is a mini-nation.  Each family is a mini-state.  There's a government, there are ministries within the family.  There's a parliament.  There are disputes, there's an opposition.  There's a parliamentary debate, voting.  There's a court; prosecutor, judge, defender, there's sentencing.  Sentences are announced.  There are strikes.  There are arguments.  Unfortunately there is also name calling and yelling. 
     All families have grown from love.  The tragedy lies in the fact that not everyone can transform love into wise politics; into a dialogue, discussion, conversation, into concessions, not getting stubborn, treating ones partner with respect.
     "But I love him".  " But I love her".   Because we do love them: husbands love wives, wives - husbands; children love parents, parents - children, siblings love each other, and extended family; grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.  But you are not able to carry on politics, which has grown out of your love.  Constant mistakes, oversights, slip-ups, and therefore new tragedies. 
     Each family has its problems - just like the Holy Family had its own.  And it can solve them only with smart, wise love.

                                                                                           Fr. M.M.