strona do druku

January 13, 2008

"Beloved Son"

     It was a shock.  A joyful shock.  For the shepherds, for the three Wise Men - for the entire world.  For each and every one of us.
     So that's why we've brought home a Christmas tree. We've decorated it.  We've prepared the Christmas Eve supper.  We've shared the Christmas Eve wafer.  We went to Midnight Mass.  We were singing carols, the most beautiful ones that we could sing.  We gave presents to our loved ones - following the example of God, who gave us his Word in the form of Jesus.
     This shock cannot be superficial, only for a while.  It cannot pass, evaporate, or disappear.  It should last for a year, throughout your entire life. 
     And that's why a child's question:  "Mommy, couldn't we keep the Christmas tree through the whole year?  Do we have to take it down and put it in the garbage?" - is well justified.

                                                                                       Fr. M.M.