strona do druku

May 4, 2008

„I am with you”

     May these words said by Saint Paul reach you
“What eye has not seen, and ear has not heard,
and what has not entered the human heart, what God has prepared
for those who love Him”
     May you obtain a deeper understanding of the concept of heaven.
Let heaven become a true Reality for you.
So that you understand at least a little, that heaven is God, who is Love.
     May you yearn for heaven – like you have never yearned before.
     And may you be happy at least a little, that in heaven you are going to meet Jesus, Maria, saints, your next of kin and your friends.

                                                                                        Fr. M.M.

 * * * * *

May 3, 2008
First Saturday


     And when all devotions and services are over and people
leave the chapel of Częstochowa and the Picture is covered again,
then the Holiest Mother takes the crown off her head
and sets it aside – and gets to work.
     For it would be uncomfortable to wash diapers, clean the house, fetch water from the spring and cook dinner with a crown on one’s head.
     And that’s why she is a Queen of women – the ones who are cooking, washing, shopping, and cleaning day after day, from morning till night
for the love of the household members.
     She is the Queen of all women who build their home with their personality, their patience, forbearance, smile, warmth, who make sure that a house becomes our home, that a mother is a mother, that a child can be a child and a husband is a husband – that the house resembles the vestibule of heaven.

                                                                                        Fr. M.M.