strona do druku

May 11, 2008

„Take the Holy Spirit”

     I look at what you are doing.  I listen to what you are saying.
What are you up to?  What are you scheming?  Do you want to trick me, cheat me, or buy me?  What interest do you have in what you do, in what you say?
I suspect you because I know that double-dealing, calculation and falsehood lurk within everyone.
     I come to your temple, God, so that you could help me purify my motives, intentions, goals and plans; so that you could give me the simplicity of a child.  So that I could be filled with You, Yourself – for today, tomorrow, for the entire week which is ahead of me.   Until next Sunday, when I come to you again to ask you for the same – although in a different context and different situation -- to ask for Your Spirit.

                                                                                               Fr. M.M.

* * * * *

April 30, 2008

“I have a lot to say to you”

     You are still alive.  It means: you are still thinking, feeling, experiencing, sympathizing, and discovering the world.
     You are still alive in order to understand what you have not understood so far, to comprehend what you have not comprehended so far; so that the truth, which you have underestimated so far, is revealed to you.  Because life consists in your growing in spirit.
     There are many experiences, enlightments, inspirations, and revelations ahead of you.  Look forward to these moments.  And enjoy them; take care not to overlook them

                                                                                                   Fr. M.M.