strona do druku

June 22, 2008
12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

„Nothing is hidden”

     “Well, show me your report card.  What did you bring?  How did they grade you?”
     But this is only half of the truth.  For the report card was also given to you, the father, and to you, the mother of this child.
Did you stay in touch with the teachers?
How did you monitor your child’s studies?
Were you interested in what your child was learning and how he or she was doing the homework, how he or she was getting prepared for the following day?
     So do not take those grades on the report card lightly.
They were given also to you.
     We close various doors behind us all the time and all the time we open the new ones.  We close the school year – and open vacation.  But before you close the school year door, cast a glance back.  Take in all that time which was given to you; to you and your child.

                                                                                               Fr. M.M.