strona do druku

June 29, 2008
13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

“Follow Me”

     Love is a fundamental substance of our lives.  It is a form of our personality.  It will outlive our death.  It is immortal, it is eternal.  It is our resurrection.  It will take us to the other side of the river of life.
     We don’t have any other way to reach heaven.
     For in heaven there’s only love.  In order to get there, everything that does not consist of love within us has to be healed, has to rise to love.  It may take a long time, like it did for a merciless rich man who was begging Lazarus for help.  Or it may take very little time like it did for the Thief who was hanging on the right side of crucified Jesus.

                                                                                               Fr. M.M.