strona do druku

July 6, 2008
14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

“Come to Me”

   We need advice, guidance, pointing out, comforting.  We need someone before whom we’d be able to pour our sorrows, to cry, to complain.  True friends; good, faithful, wise, dedicated, disinterested; without whom our lives would be so much more deficient and sometimes impossible to endure.
   But at the same time we are the ones to whom people come to ask advice, encouragement, explanation, clarification; for whom we are the guides, the light and the voice.
   We need one another. 
   There are situations however, where a person is not enough, where even the best, the wisest, the most caring, the most dedicated friend cannot help.
   The highest authority, the FRIEND whom each and every person will sooner or later need is God.

                                                                                               Fr. M.M.