strona do druku

August 10, 2008
19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Take courage

     Olympic Games.   As we’ve never seen before.  Organized by the Middle Kingdom; a giant of a country, inhabited by 1 billion and 400 million citizens.  A country very well aware of its biological, economical, and financial power.  A country aspiring to rule the world, to place all of the nations under its command.
     Olympic Games, as we’ve never seen before -- prepared carefully for years with the utmost precision.  With millions of people engaged in its construction and organization.  With costs exceeding billions of dollars.  The whole world has been trying to participate in these Olympic Games.  The world was supposed to start living a new life from the moment the Olympic Games opened.
     And finally - the opening day.  Four-hour spectacle could make you dizzy even if you are a person who attends big events quite often.  Dazzling, smashing, captivating – it knocked to the ground the best specialists who have a great expertise in organizing such events, as well as regular people.
     And all of a sudden – this bubble which was suspended over the earth, burst like a soap bubble, like a balloon pricked by a needle.  And this needle was the war between Georgia and Russia.  Total surprise for the entire world.  Absolute shock.  The world was not ready for this event at all.  This war is no joke; it’s not a small conflict, which could be put out with a hat.  This is a real war.  With combat airplanes, artillery, tanks, and all war formations.  Within first two days almost two thousand people died. 
     The world crouched down low to the ground, astonished and terrified.  The world crouched low to the ground, worried not only about the war which has just begun but also worried about itself.  Each country must ask itself the question: who’s next?  Who else is going to be hit?
     And we also crouched down low to the ground. 
     The fanfares quieted down for us too, the colors of the Olympic Games faded, the interest decreased.  The main interest was directed at the small country named Georgia and the power of Russia.
Questions followed:  How is this possible?  Who is at fault?  Is it a coincidence, misunderstanding?
     The real motives began to emerge, real goals and real background.  But not in full, only to a certain degree.  Nevertheless, it became clear that there were few reasons; however it is hard to tell which the dominant ones were, because besides the ones that we could figure out, there are still many undiscovered secrets.  But the most important question emerges above them all – how to free the world from wars?  What do we need?
     We need Christianity in our public life.  So that Christianity does not mean only morning and evening prayer.  So it is not limited to our relationships within the four walls of our home.
So it is not limited only to our private lives.  We need Christianity to take a significant role in our social life, in politics.  We need people who run politics to be true Christians.  So they are not like wild animals ready to pounce on the others whenever there’s an opportunity, waiting for the others to trip, waiting for an enemy’s mistake, but Christians, who live by love.
     It sounds absurd, but the truth is that if the social life is not encompassed by love, then what’s the value of our Christianity, what’s our Catholic faith worth?

                                                                                           Fr. M.M.