strona do druku

September 14, 2008
24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

So he could have life

     Cross on a church steeple.  Cross at the crossroads.
Cross on Giewont Mountain.  Cross in the halls of Parliament.
Cross on a store wall.  Cross in a classroom.
Cross on the wall in our house.  Cross of Valour.
Cross Virtuti Militari.  Eizernekreuz. Hackenkreuz.
Knights of the Cross.  Golden cross.  Silver cross.
Jeweled cross.  Cross attached to an earring.
Cross on the chest of a bishop.  Cross on the chest of a
rock singer.  Cross pushed into the hands of a dying
man.  Cemetery cross.  Cross on a grave. 
Crosses on a military cemetery.  A wooden cross.
Cross at the roadside – made of birch sticks, without a plaque,
nobody knows who lies there, or when he died.
A sign of the cross made by a mother on a loaf of bread.
A sign of the cross made on a forehead of a child during the
sacrament of baptism.  A sign of the cross at the beginning of a prayer. A sign of the cross at the end of a prayer.  A sign of the cross at the beginning of holy Mass, at the end of holy Mass as a blessing.
As a blessing.

     A cross.  A holy cross?  Only an ornament?  Distinguishing sign?  Amulet – just in case, to be safe from all dangers?  A cross just for show, out of habit, out of fear, “just in case”.
     Cross.  My cross. My everyday cross.  A cross of my job.  A cross of my everyday activity.  A cross of my family.

     Everyone has his or her own cross.  Our God, help us live with our cross.  Please let us carry it wisely, with respect, understanding, prudence – as an instrument of our sanctification.

                                                                                          Fr. M.M.