strona do druku

October 19, 2008
29th Sunday of Ordinary Time

A word

     We are the people of The Book.  Then there are just books – these tied to the Bible called religious books.  And there’s also great literature, which even though does not belong to the category of religious books, nevertheless is connected to the Bible – because it talks about love.
     And here we are; we who listen, read, accept God’s word as our own, we, who become holy, who become God’s people, because we want to love as much, as God does.

October 19, 2008
29th Sunday of Ordinary Time

What belongs to God

     “Read to me, mommy”.
     Introduce children to books.  Acquaint children with reading.  For later on winds and storms will approach.  And they will abandon books; they will get into computers – laptops, recordings, discs, tapes. They will reject books – as antiquated relics.
     But maybe they will come back through poetry, through a beloved novel, scientific publication, or Bible; where each word, where each sentence is important.  When it is more than just reading, it is a meeting.  Not only with the author, but with that reality, which he or she saw, heard, experienced and wants to share.

                                                                                              Fr. M. M.