strona do druku

February 1, 2009
4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Lesson with power

     I was invited by our Pope for supper to Vatican.  Prelate, father Stanisław Dziwisz was waiting for me next to the elevator.  He said:  “The supper is not going to happen; Pope is very tired.  He spent five hours talking with the archbishop Lefebvre.  But I am inviting you to come and see me and have some chamomile tea”.  We stepped into the elevator.  However we did not go all the way up – we stopped at the level of Pope’s rooms and prelate said:  Pope wants to see you, but do not talk.  Just exchange greetings and come back”.  I walked into the chapel.  The Pope was kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament on the kneeling chair.  I walked up to him and said hello.  Unexpectedly he asked me: “What’s happening in Poland?”  There was no way out.  I had to talk.  But I spoke shortly.  I withdrew, respecting his fatigue. 
     Archbishop Lefebvre, despite the promise given to Pope has ordained four bishops without Vatican’s approval.  He was excommunicated.
     Now Benedict XVI has decided that it is time to lift the excommunication of the Lefebvre’s bishops.  But, should it be done at any price?  Should it be done at any price?

                                                                                               Fr. M. M.