strona do druku

February 16, 2009

They demanded a sign

     And we are similar to those people.  Gospel with the commandment of love is not enough for us.  We want a sign; Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette, Medjugorie, and San Giovanni Rotondo with father Pio; to see the wounds on the hands and to see the drops of blood.  To hear the stories of the appearances of Holy Mother. 
     And people keep coming – crowds, processions, pilgrimages.  Believers and non-believers.  To ascertain, to touch with their own hands, see with their own eyes, to hear with their own ears.  And then, will we be able to believe in Gospel and commandment of love?
     We are searching for a miracle, for a sign – for an image to appear on a wall, on a window pane, for a painting to weep and for the tears to flow – and we will be coming, staring, kneeling and praying in the crowds of people looking for a miracle. 
     And if we saw, if we heard, if we touched, are we going to believe?  Are we going to love?  Don’t we resemble those soldiers who stood beneath the cross and kept calling:  Come down from the cross and we will believe.  So does that mean that only then they will love, that they won’t nail anyone to the cross anymore, that they won’t be tormenting anyone?  For such is the meaning of this word: to believe.

                                                                                                Fr. M. M.