strona do druku

March 1, 2009

Forty days

     Your life is flying by – day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.  It’s Monday and then right away – Saturday.  It’s the first and then the fifteenth and again thirtieth day of a month.  It is morning and then right away evening.  We haven’t had enough time to enjoy Christmas and Christmas tree, and already it is Lent.  A child who says: “I don’t want to be five years old” also feels the terror of passing life.
     And then you stumble upon Ash Wednesday and Lent; big questions, question about the sense of life.  What for do I live?  What for do I need all of this?  What is the goal of my life?
     And you cannot protect yourself from this question, you cannot escape from it.  You can’t cover your face or your ears.  You have to give yourself an answer to this question to be able to live on – to know how to live on.  You are going to the meeting with God who is love.  And here is your answer to the question that has been posed to you.
     Or maybe it will not be posed at all.  You will muffle it, scare it away, and give up on it.  But it will come back.  You will meet this question at the time of your death.  And then you will realize that you’ve wasted your life because you had rejected that question and disregarded it.
     And the sense of your life should be love; this golden thread which has to be diligently guarded – so that it lasts and grows into a bunch of golden threads.  So that it is a golden stream in your motivation.  So that this thread does not break, does not disappear from your days.  So that you don’t plunge into the darkness of hatred and indifference – to just survive.

                                                                                            Fr. M. M.