strona do druku

May 31, 2009

Spirit of Truth

     It is the most boring to repeat prayers which one has learnt by heart.  The most boring are such prayers when our mouths mechanically repeat the words but our thoughts are roaming beyond the text. 
     And it is the best to pray with one’s own words; to approach God, to get united with Him preferably through one’s own prayer.
     And even better – to do it without words, through realization of God’s presence.  Then He Himself comes down to us -- Holy Spirit.  We become engulfed in serenity, quiet, clarity and light – and we are ready for everyday activities.
     Prayer takes very little time in our everyday lives – a whilet in the morning and a while in the evening; and a Holy Mass on Sunday.  But we have to treat it seriously.  For like our prayers like our days -- and like our days like our prayers.
     Prayer is necessary to become united with God through an honest life filled with work and help, life truly disinterested, full of love and forgiveness.  For the better prayer the better life – the better life the better prayer.


May 31, 2009

Take the Holly Spirit

     Liturgical prayer is a separate category of prayer – prayer of the Eucharistic community.  It brings God to us in symbols, signs, words, in texts, in actions.  It is created by the interior of the church, polychrome, paintings, altar, candlelight, singing, organ, friendly prayer community, celebrant, dialog between celebrant and the congregation, reading of the Bible.  Only one has to participate in these rites like a true disciple of Jesus.