strona do druku

June 17, 2009

Devotional deeds

     We stand face to face with Brother Albert – the man who took pity on the poor, the drunks, the homeless, the hungry, the old, the sick, the drug addicts, the thieves, and bandits, the ones without a roof over their heads who sought shelter in the heating rooms in winter.
     He started supporting them as a benefactor, but they rejected him.  So he put on a cassock made out of a blanket and started living among them.  He went around Kraków in a cart with a bell and collected food for them from the merchants.
     It is so good that Kraków is a home of a saint, Queen Jadwiga, but at the same time it has room for a man who was homeless just like the ones for whom he cared. 
     They say that when he came to visit someone, he used to bring with him a loaf of bread and put it on the table.  Legend says that when asked why he was doing that, he would answer: “One has to be as good as bread lying on the table; whoever wants to, can come up, cut a piece, and get nourishment.”
     He left behind a few paintings; one, the most typical, titled: “Ecce homo” – is a portrait of Jesus crowned with thorns, with a reed in His hands, with a red cape on His shoulders.
     Each of us has his own poor ones.  Each of us has his own wards, for whose wellbeing he or she cares and strives.  Each of us has his or her own lost, uncared for, and neglected people.  Let’s not fail them.