strona do druku

July 5, 2009


     An unfamiliar man came to me one day and said:  “Some time ago I came to you to confessions and you told me that, as my penance, I had to take a 15 minute walk everyday for a week.  I had never had such a penance.»  I asked:  «Could I do a little shopping during that walk?  «No shopping».  «Visit someone?»  «No visits.  Just a walk».  I was baffled.  But a penance is a penance.  I went out walking.  A friend stopped me once:  «And where are you going?»  «Nowhere; for a walk.»  «You are so lucky to have time for that.  I don’t have time for walks.»  I thought I was going to give in.  But I said to myself: a penance is a penance, a week is a week – and I walked rigorously everyday.  Within a week I knew everything, without any need for explanations.  I knew what that walk was for”. 
     In the ranking of effectiveness of work, Poland takes a very low, almost last position among the countries of the world.  We don’t work effectively.
     And here is my hypothesis:  It is because we do not rest.  We don’t know how to rest.