strona do druku

July 19, 2009
16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

And He started to teach

     Your religiosity, your communion with God doesn’t come down to your daily prayer and your Sunday Holy Mass only.  Your communion with God encompasses your entire life; your work, your rest, your sleep and your night vigil, your preparing of meals, eating, drinking, your duties and your innovative ideas, your conversations and discussions, your walks and your seeing somebody at home, your sickness, suffering and hurting, your sport and fun, dance and song, classical and popular music, your theatre plays and movies.
     Your entire life and all of your activities are - should be – a form of your love.  And if so, then they constitute contact with God, for He is Love.  It is up to you to keep this contact as pure as possible, disinterested, mandatory, yet still voluntary.
     And so you are religious in the deepest meaning of this word – or you are wasting this most important function of your life; you bring it down to a little morning and evening prayer and Sunday Mass.  And you make a senseless parody of your religiosity – and you strip the most important aspects of your life of their fundamental substance.