strona do druku

October 21, 2009

Be prepared

     We know that such is the order of things:  elderly people leave and youth replace them. 
     But at the same time it is the most painful for us when mother dies.  No master if we are small children or if we are adults already.  Mother’s death is in a sense our death. Worlds collapse. Some very important time for us ends.  Source of light disappears.  Warmth of home dissipates.  The person who waited for us everyday to come home from school, from work, from activities, is gone.  We don't have anyone to tell what happened during the day, knowing that we will be listened to with love. Essential element of our life is missing. 
     Prayer saves us.  Awareness that mother is there – in God.  And God is everywhere.  And so she also is near us.  And this is the great truth for us, the orphaned; that mother, who is thinking about us, cares about us, waits for us, is still near by.  We turn to her with our problems, joys, tragedies, and successes. Knowing that she rejoices in our joy and gets sad with our sorrows.  Just like before.