strona do druku

October 29, 2009

Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets

     Jesus treats Jerusalem in a personal way.  Not as a collection of streets, plazas, houses, but as a collection of people who form certain community.  It is shaped by its representatives, offices and officials, by saints and criminals, by thinkers, lawbreakers, by simple people and by intellectuals, and it constitutes a living organism.
     One can say the same thing about all cities and villages.  They create communities who are responsible for what is happening within them; responsible for their intellectual level, moral level, for sanctity and for crimes.
     And therefore we are not responsible just for ourselves, but also for the community to which we belong; for our family, our clan, our town, our village, our nation - everyone within bounds of one’s possibility.  For it’s not only that we are being shaped; but with our own personality we shape the community, to which we belong.