strona do druku

November 18, 2009

Well done, faithful servant

     God is glorified through all martyrs, whose fame is proclaimed by the whole Church.  But he is also glorified through simple people who fulfill their calling with a diligence of Jesus’ disciple.  And so it is in case of holy Spanish Sisters of Visitation, who’ve met their martyrs’ death, Saint Karolina Kózkówna, who was murdered, and holy artisan Tomasz Jaskier.
     Some people complain about our Catholic faith, about our Christianity – that it’s only for show, that it’s only for special occasions, and that commonly there’s no love. 
     Today’s day contradicts that.  Holy Sisters of Visitation rose to the occasion – even though they could have saved themselves, if they denied God.  Karolina Kózkówna also could have saved herself.  God is glorified, and extolled through Polish holy martyrs, but also through simple people who with their everyday toil give love to others – just like it was in case of Tomasz.