strona do druku

February 1, 2010

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     Anniversary of husband’s death. The closest person on Earth.  The most beloved one.  The one who had been there everyday; day in day out, for good and bad times, for suffering and joy, for sadness and happiness, for wisdom -- so you could ask his advice; how to proceed, which path to chose.  And suddenly – he passed away.  He left behind emptiness, void, sadness, sorrow.  Absence of a proffered helping hand.  There is absence and it will continue.
     The only consolation for you, wife is the awareness that he has not left totally, because he is with you in spirit.  There’s someone to whom you can raise your eyes, someone with whom you can share your secrets, to whom you can talk, just like when he was alive, when he was visible, tangible -- human.  And so the loneliness is not absolute.  He is present – really, practically, although intangibly.