strona do druku

January 27, 2010

A sower went out to sow

     The parable says that the seed fell onto various kinds of soil.  And it is true.  But it does not say anything about the fact that the seed may have varied.  The seed might have been full, healthy seed, but it might have been dried up, moldy, old -- and even if it fell onto good soil, it was not going to help; the seed was not going to yield a crop, it was not going to yield fruit, it would not grow, but instead it would rot and dry up.  For the sower was either imprudent or lazy, he took the poor seed, he failed to think that the seed might be of poor quality, old, expired, cast-off, or shabby  Or that it could be said without conviction.
     It is necessary that the sowers of Your word pick the seeds for sowing carefully, that they prepare it with care so that when it falls on good soil it would grow and yield a good harvest.