strona do druku

June 3, 2010
Procession to four altars


     It was the last moment when they still could be together.  In a moment this “together” will come to an end.
     But some symbol of life - His life - had to be left behind.  He’s been preaching love.  So let the bread be a symbol of life; the daily bread, as daily as love should be.  Love at any price.  Even at the price of blood. Bread and Wine – symbol of Jesus' life, symbol of Christianity.  Bread and Wine – teaching and life. Amen. 


   I have pity on his crowd.  For they are hungry.  They've stayed with me for three days and they have nothing to eat. 
     Love proves correct everyday.  Love sees.  It cannot pass indifferently by the fact that people are hungry.  Christianity would be fiction if it did not care about conditions in which people live.  Amen.


     Stay with us, Lord, for it is almost evening and the day is almost done.  We are no longer five or fifteen or fifty; we are getting submerged in the old age at a quite fast pace.  Illnesses, ailments, exhaustion.
     God is with the old, with sick people.  With people in the hospitals, in shelters, with the lonely ones in their small apartments.  God – heaven, God – joy, God – happiness, for which He’s created us, for which we live.
     There’s just this last path to go through.  Amen.


     So they are one.  This is a task for Christians.  Elimination of loneliness, elimination of being left in despair, of being left in helplessness.
     So they are one.  So that nobody is left without care – whether at home or in professional community.
     Arguments, envy, dislikes, prejudices, and slanders destroy our unity.
     Forgiveness, forbearance, tolerance, kindness, kindness and once again kindness; they have to constitute special signature of Christianity.  Amen.