strona do druku

May 31, 2010

I send you

     Maria visited with Saint Elizabeth.  It’s not:  she called on her.  She did not just stop by for a moment to ask:  “How are you feeling?  You look good for your age.”  Perhaps made her something to drink and then said goodbye and left. 
     Maria visited with Saint Elizabeth.  This means she came and she stayed for few months. 
     Sisters of Visitation are such a congregation that acts towards us just as the Holiest Mother did towards Saint Elizabeth.  They did not come to say:  “We’ve just come for a while.  We’ll talk, drink something, eat what you are willing to offer and we’ll be on our way.”  They’ve stayed.  And they’ve been around for 400 years.  God willing they will stay in Church like that.  They have visited with us.  They listen to our worries and care about our problems.  They want to help us.  They pray for our maters.  They talk when we come to them to seek advice, to hear words of consolation, to find a path into the future life filled with surprises and difficulties; life which has become complicated.