strona do druku

December 25, 2010

We have found the Messiah

     Today we come to you, Baby Jesus, for we know not only what today is, but also what your yesterday was, your thirty some years.  We are looking at you but somewhere over the horizon we can see your years spent in Nazareth, and then few years of your teaching work.  We can hear your parables and we attempt to find ourselves in them in order to straighten our life paths and not to commit evil out of our stupidity.
     Sometimes they paint you as a child in Joseph’s workshop; a child who makes a little cross from sticks.  Even as a child aware that death on the cross awaits you for preaching your Good News.
     As the years passed so grew your indignation at perversion /distortion of divine revelation by the Pharisees and priests who obliterated the commandments of love for God and one's neighbor with their bigot-like duties.