strona do druku

March 20, 2011
2nd Sunday of Lent

That's where He was transfigured

     Your Mount of Transfiguration is the church, to which you go every Sunday to participate in the Holy Mass.  You go there just our of habit, sometimes with a total indifference while reproaching yourself for not being able to firmly say: ”No, I am not going anymore.”
     Your Mount of Transfiguration is a Sunday Holy Mass at which you are present.  You don’t like the word “participate", because you don't feel like a participant of whatever is happening at the altar.  You indifferently listen to the readings, you indifferently listen to the sermon, to which you hardly pay any attention at all.  You are a little annoyed by the same liturgical texts awkwardly read by the celebrant.  Of course you don’t go to communion.  You leave the church as indifferently as you entered it an hour earlier.  You wave it all aside: “Whatever.”
     But sometimes it happens that you go to church all agitated.  Maybe you are shocked by the political news from your own country or from the neighboring countries or from another continent.  Or simply because you’ve become aware of the fact that time is running faster and faster, because one of your acquaintances from the same age group had just passed away.  Maybe the awareness of approaching day of death has shocked you.  You are not a very old person but your friends who are even younger than you, are leaving. 
     And in the context of these events which shook you to the core, your Holy Mass looks totally different.  Even if you don't hear exactly what is being read from the Old Testament, or what prayers are being said, you feel that your real participation is included in all of it.  It’s your Holy Mass.  And the words of the Gospel are somehow addressed to you; they reach your consciousness with full obviousness and clarity.  And you are moved, you are grateful to God for stirring your heart. 
     As you exited the church someone even stopped you and said:  “Why are you so flushed; do you have a fever or something?”  You are so surprised that someone has noticed what is happening to you, that what you'd experienced; that happiness that you'd encountered has reflected on your face.  And you really feel as if you’d met Jesus himself.