Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

January 19, 2003

“What are you looking for?”

   Do not worry about what the New Year is going to bring you. It is none of your business.
   You worry about your wisdom and having a character. May you be wise with this human wisdom, the deepest one, the intuitive one. So that you can feel if a storm is approaching, if it is a roar of an avalanche, or hoof-beats of horses galloping through the prairie, or a roar of flying machines. May you be wise with that human wisdom. So that you can feel the world, nation, family, yourself – what happens with your physical and mental health – so you can listen to the atmosphere in your home, so you can hear what is happening in the world, in the nation, in our country.

May you be wise. Not only read, not only listen to the radio and television, not only converse with smart people, but listen to yourself – to what your intuition is telling you.

May you have character. May you have enough courage to tell yourself straight in the eye what is happening with you, to tell your family what is happening with them. May you have enough courage to tell yourself what is happening with our nation and our country, and with the world, and to react accordingly.

May you know, may you want, may you have courage, may you have this human bravery to speak that truth that has to be told, the truth that you feel, that you already know about.

May you listen to what is in the know. Because there is something. One just has to come close, to lean over it, to see, to pick it up. It might be an opportunity, a chance, a possibility that shows up in front of you suddenly, unexpectedly. Enjoy that chance that was given to you, put right under your nose. What’s in the know?

May you have enough wisdom to see, to accept, to think it over and to react.

And may you have enough character to take a risk, to stake all on a chance, to enter into what was revealed to you.
And fight. May you have enough strength to spring into a fight, fight with evil, with stupidity, with rudeness; your own and that of your surroundings. May you know how to fight for your own wisdom and for the wisdom of your family and of your nation.

What is this year going to bring? What may happen?
I do not know and you do not know. Nobody knows. You need to worry about yourself, about your wisdom, about your character.

                                                                                                FR. MIECZYSŁAW MALIŃSKI

translation Monika Darron