Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

January 26, 2003
3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

"They Followed Him"

   It may come over you in one moment of inspiration.  You will see the truth so sharply, so vividly, you will get so enchanted by it, so charmed by it, that you will become convinced, that you will never walk away from it, you will never doubt it, you will never betray it.
   However, nothing comes free.  It is possible only under one condition: that throughout your whole life you will be climbing towards this truth by the way of prayer, meditation, taking part in liturgy -- especially the holly Mass -- by the way of conversations, discussions and books; under condition that you will test it in your everyday life and in your celebrations, in the time of your joy and suffering, in victories and defeats.  Only then, it will give meaning to your life - in a way that you have never known before.  Finally you will find out what to live for, what to work for, why to sacrifice and why to serve.
   But you have to take care of your rose, to cultivate it, or else the enchantment will come to pass.  If the truth is not implemented into everyday life, it will slip into superficiality, into empty declaration, into theological jargon, into pitiful gab.  The truth, which you have discovered will pale with time, will lose its freshness, will fade, will wear out like a banknote.  You won't even notice when you walk away from it, looking for new suns, new spring, greater brightness, greater joy.  You will leave its road for side lanes, for labyrinths; you will be wandering through thickets, through waterless deserts, until you are totally lost, until you betray it altogether.
   That's how it was with the apostles.  They followed Jesus right away, immediately, abandoning their fathers and mothers, homes, families and jobs, because they got so enraptured with what He proclaimed, got so captivated by Him. 
   But then they were haggling, demanding pay, but later, they persistently requested of Jesus to let them sit on His right and His left in the heavenly kingdom, but later they argued among themselves which one of them was more important.
   In the end they came back, stating, "Lord, to whom shall we go?  You have the words of the eternal life."
   Maybe you will also come back, when you find out that only what He says gives the meaning to your life, that only this comes to its own in every situation.

                                                                       FR. MIECZYSŁAW MALIŃSKI

    translation: Monika Darron