Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

February 16th, 2003
6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"The lepers"

   There is no man that wouldn't be afflicted with something.  Thus we come to Jesus who heals.  There is no man who wouldn't be touched by evil.  Thus we come to Jesus who expels evil spirits:  we - the ill ones, we - the ones stricken with evil spirits. 
   And out of all obsessions, it is the leprosy of sadness that is the most dangerous to us, because it penetrates into our spiritual circulation and puts out every creative thought, every initiative, paralyzes every appropriate reflex, normal rhythm of our lives, causes discouragement, bitterness, hopelessness, loss of trust in people, in God, in ourselves.
   There are many reasons for sadness.  We are scared by the bad ghosts from television, from radio, from newspapers, from conversations, from trials.  People who show us their real selves - bad selves, scare us.  Events, more and more atrocious, brutal, inhuman, scare us.  Trials, muddled up, full of lies complicated, scare us.  Sinister predictions, assumptions, announcements, possibilities, scare us.
   We come to Jesus with hope that He will free us from the spirit of sadness, which is destroying us, which does not let us live.  But one cannot expel a bad spirit and leave the empty space, because in such case it will come back, right away, in a moment, from behind the threshold.  And it will come back with greater intensity.  It can be expelled only if something else is introduced.  A bad spirit can be expelled if a good one is introduced.  The good spirit given to us by Jesus through the Gospel is the spirit of wisdom, optimism, joy and trust: trust in God, then in people - despite all, and finally trust in ourselves - despite all, despite the mishaps. 
   Only then, one can live, everyday and at holiday time.  Only then we are able to enjoy everything that the day brings: daily duties, as well as any good ideas, and also that, what other people contribute to our lives. 


   translation: Monika Darron