Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

March 2nd, 2003
8th Sunday of Ordinary Time

"They will be fasting"

     There's great cleaning time in our homes before Easter.  Windows get washed, carpets are cleaned, furniture - dusted, floors - waxed and polished, old rags, piles of papers and old newspapers are thrown out.  We put the house in order.
     This whole external clean up is a symbol of our spiritual tidying.  Lent is time of preparation for arrival of Resurrected Jesus - it is time of preparation for our resurrection.
     You have to tidy up the house of your humanity before Easter.  You have to throw out refuse, garbage and dirt, freshen up, clean up, arrange and organize.  Open the windows, let the fresh air enter your musty interior. 

* * *

     When Lent was coming my dad used to stop smoking.  Our acquaintance, a plump lady, does not eat pastries during Lent, particularly pastries with whipped cream.  When I asked, during a conversation on this subject:  "And you, what are you giving up during Lent?" - a boy answered:  "I will not swear and I won't use impolite words."
     This is the essence of Lent:  to review and tidy up our lives and simply to eradicate, to remove what has grown in our lives like a weed, because it disturbs, it bothers us as well as our neighbors.  This is time when we bring our lives back to normal, time when we throw out all that garbage, which has gathered somehow and now pollutes our insides. 
     We do it in order to get ready for our resurrection.


      translation: Monika Darron