Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

March 9th, 2003
1st Sunday of Lent

"Tempted by Satan"

   We have started Lent, Great Fasting Time.  It is the Great time.  Great -- means God's.  It is Great - because it is God's.  It is God's time. 
   And it is important that at this time we talk not only about Jesus' torment and suffering, but also about His - and our - resurrection, about eternal life, eternal happiness and eternal joy towards which we are going.
   For that purpose one has to rise above the pettiness and anger.
   During Lent we want to offer God what He expects of us, what He wants us to change in our lives.  During these times, full of tension, what God expects of us the most -- is peace.
   How is peace possible in the world if there is no peace in your home, if you have not introduced peace into your community?  How can you claim a right to be a world peace advocate, when there's no peace in your own world?
   So, smile, forgive, pardon.  Be tolerant and understanding.  Do not make such high demands of others.  May there be no place for anger in your life, no silent, angry hours, not even silent minutes.
   Smile at your loved ones and other people.  May there be no contempt, no disrespect, no mockery, and no ridicule within you.  Be an angel, a messenger, and a prophet of peace. 
   Let's pay attention to this not only today, but throughout the whole Lent.  The whole world needs it, and so does your community. 
   So ask God to bless you in this time of Lent, so that you can accomplish what He expects from you, what He anticipates of you, and what He calls you to do.


    translation: Monika Darron