Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

March 16th, 2003
2nd Sunday of Lent

"On the high mountain"

     You must go to the desert to find yourself, to see yourself, to feel yourself. 
     We've become lost.  We're constantly being pushed, like the pawns on the chessboard.  We're being jostled, poked and nudged by orders, warrants, commands, duties, activities, and requests.  Besides, we are used to the fact that somebody constantly rules us, persuades us, orders us, commands us, and explains things to us to the point that we cannot imagine our lives without it.  What if all of that suddenly stopped?  If the television got turned off, if radio stopped working, if the newspapers stopped coming out…  What to think? What to say?  What to do?  How to live?
     Thus you must go to the desert to find your identity, to live through revelation, to experience enlightenment, to attain illumination. 
      But it's lonely in the desert.  Desert is haunted at night.  It's spooky even during the day.  There's danger, menace all the time.  There are phantoms, apparitions, Satan's temptations. 
     That's why you have to climb the mountain of transfiguration.  Only from there you can see the wide vistas, wonderful horizons, mountains, valleys, wilderness, cities, and villages.  From there you can see the sky better, too.  It's easier to hear yourself, to hear the angels' singing, to hear God himself.
     How can one accomplish that though?
     Slow down, don't hurry all the time.  Don't talk too much.  Don't let others talk you down, cut short the trivial chatter.  Don't listen to the radio all the time.  Limit staring at the TV.  Create your own ways to escape from people.  Use every situation to help you build the quiet and silence within. 
     And then, you'll come back.  One comes down from the mountain.  One leaves the desert.  But you'll come back radiant and wise, with deeper understanding of your identity.  You'll come back transfigured by the enlightenment, which you've experienced.  You'll be ready to live like a human. 


     translation: Monika Darron