Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

April 6th, 2003
5the Sunday of Lent

"Adore Your Name, Father"

   The Commandment to love God and your neighbor did not drop from the Sinai as some extraordinary revelation.  It was the confirmation of what is embedded in our nature, in our humanity.
   Commandment to love everyone - even the enemies, as Jesus proclaimed - is not something supernatural, unusual, it's not a novelty or a foreign matter.  It is an act of bringing to the surface, of demonstrating that love is a part of human nature, that love is the most natural thing in human behavior.  It confirms the fact that - as God's creation - we are God's word.  We are the word of God, and God is Love.  In other words, love is comprised in our nature. 
   Thus, diligence, kindness, unselfishness, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness and giving make people happy, let them grow, make them joyful.  These are natural things in an individual human life, as well as in national and international interactions.
   That's why every person who lives in accordance with the principle of love is an expression of God, is His Word.  And it doesn't matter if that person is baptized or not.  Even if he or she doesn't make reference to God, Bible or Jesus - that person is a Christian.  
   But everything that is not in agreement with love - hatred, jealousy, contempt, and greed - makes a person unhappy, and in the same time is a contradiction of God.  Even if it were proclaimed or done by a person who officially claims to belong to Church.  Even if that person is baptized and regularly attends Holly Mass.


    translation: Monika Darron