Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

May 4th, 2003
3rd Sunday of Easter

"He enlightened them"

     A man stands in front of you and the earth is moving from under his feet - you, however, unconcernedly keep telling him some twaddle.  A man stands in front of you whining like a dog, waiting for just one thing -- to be petted - you however, preach a sermon to him.  Illuminating.  A man comes to you, a man who does not know how to make the ends meet and you spread the wealth you have achieved before his very eyes.  You chortle - looking at someone's heart breaking to pieces.  You strut around like a peacock showing off his feathers, boasting about what you have done, what you have accomplished, what you have achieved, you announce your victories, or glory that you have acquired - right in front of a man who stands there embarrassed and empty-handed.

     * * *

     Personal culture is consequent on compassion, on fellow feeling.  You have to feel for a man that stands in front of you, not to hurt him, not to harm, not to ridicule, not to offend him, not to humiliate, not to mock, not to tease.  So you do not aggrieve him, don't force him, don't persecute him, and do not make him suffer.  And that's the first step to helping him, to rescuing him, to lifting him, to setting him on his feet - to resurrecting him.
     You have to learn to feel what another man feels, what he is going through, what's in his heart, what kind of burden he is carrying on his back.
     In order to be a cultural human being you have to become sensitive to another man.  You have to fight off callousness, indifference, and condescension.  You have to fight off the urge to care only for your own comfort - and instead - be together, be with one another.
     That's what your personal culture is based upon, that's what the culture of your environment, the culture of your nation and the culture of the whole humanity is based upon - the fellow feeling for another man.  Let us have respect for what he is going through.  Only then you can show him the way, guide him, give him some wisdom that he might need.


     translation: Monika Darron