Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

June 29th, 2003
13th Sunday of ordinary Time
Feast of The Saint Apostles:  Peter and Paul

 "Who do you think that I am?"

     This is a question for each and every one of us.  Everybody has to answer for himself or herself - Who do I consider Jesus to be?  A wonder-worker?  A healer?  A wise man, a thinker or a teacher?  A bit of a revolutionary - or a complete revolutionary?  A prophet?  A bard? A master - as some kind of a guru?  But also a brother, who lived as everyone of us, who worked and got tired, who slept soundly to regain strength, who got hungry and happily ate bread, who got thirsty and drank water from the well.  
     Maybe you consider Him to be something more than that:  a saint perhaps, someone not from this Earth, someone from another planet, someone sent to us from heaven, someone endowed with God's omnipotence and omniscience.  

* * *

     Who is He to you?  What do you think of Him?  How do you treat Him?  What do you call Him deep in your heart?  What are His words to you, the words that you hear during the holly Mass? 
     What is His Gospel to you?  A biography?  A selection of parables, life manual, or religious literature?  Fullness of the living truth?  Maybe you consider it just a part of the truth, because you accept some of His thesis and turn the deaf ear to others.
     Can you say that He is your Savior?  Does He save you from despair, from emptiness?  Does He bring the meaning to your life?  Does He brighten it?  Do you believe Him?  Do you believe Him in your moments of success, when everything goes well, when it seems to you that what He said proves correct in your life?  Do you believe Him in the moments of defeat, when adversities, diseases, weakness and old age come over you?  When death approaches closer and closer?  Do you believe that there is an eternal life He constantly spoke about, and that you are going towards it just like He was going?
     Are you going to die just like He died, with the words:  "Father, into Your hands I commend my Spirit".  Will you be sure that you are not perishing, but entering a new, full life?  Do you believe in Him like that?


     translation: Monika Darron