Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

July 20th, 2003
16th Sunday of Ordinary Time


     Get away, even if for a short while, from your everyday job, from your everyday people, your everyday things, your everyday yourself.  Get away, so you don't go crazy in this perpetual clamor, noise, out-shouting of one another, in this race for everything, which causes an unbearable stress within us.  Immerse yourself in quiet, calmness, immobility, idleness, non-doing, non-thinking, non-feeling.  Fall as if into a deep sleep, without anxiety, without a worry about today, tomorrow or yesterday, even if for a little while.
     Only, where do you find such a place, such a nook, such a space, or such a desert?
     You already know what I am going to tell you, what I am going to advise you.  The one and only such place is within you.

         Fr. M.M.

    translation: Monika Darron