Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

November 16th, 2003
33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

"He is close"

     The Apostles asked: "Increase our faith, Lord".
     The ones that accompanied Jesus from morning until night throughout three years, asked Him to increase their faith?  They lived next to Jesus, they watched His deeds, they listened to His teaching… Didn't they have enough faith?
     How about us?  We are also His disciples.  We have followed Him, we live next to Him, we also look at His deeds, listen to His teaching.  We also participate in His Eucharistic Offering.
     If they asked "Increase our faith", than how can we not ask "Increase our faith."
     Even more so, because now, today we want to ask for a particular aspect of faith: faith in life after death, faith that we will be happy through the whole eternity.  It is this faith that we most significantly lack.
     We have two reasonable prerequisites as our excuse:  we are not able to imagine eternal life.  We cannot understand eternal life even in a purely intellectual manner, because for us, the claim that we will be happy there is not sufficient. 
     Immediately, there are questions crowding around:  What does that mean that we will be happy?  In what way?  What are we going to do there?  Even though it sounds primitive, such questions do appear within us.
     Let's try to help ourselves somehow:  we are going to be within God, because God is heaven.  We are going to participate in His life.  He is love, and therefore He continually creates.  Thus we will take part in the creation, but how? in what way? - we do not have an answer to that. 
     That's why we ask together with the apostles: Increase our faith.


     translation: Monika Darron