Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

March 28th, 2004
5th Sunday of Lent

"Neither do I condemn you"

     No one shall be killed.  Even if he or she betrayed, cheated, robbed, committed adultery, raped or murdered another man.  You have to create conditions for them to make them see their mistake and the harm that they did.  You have to give them a chance to recover from that crime.  Take care of them, so they can return to the society and start to live like people.
     No one's morality shall be killed - by humiliation, contempt, finger pointing, reminding of what he or she did.  You have to be careful not to let someone know that he or she was treated with a great favor and that he or she should better be grateful for it, and that he or she should remember that everyone knows of his or her crimes, which can be recalled at any moment.

         Fr. M.M.

     translation: Monika Darron