Dziennik Polski - wydanie niedzielne

strona do druku

December 8th, 2002
2nd Sunday of ADVENT

"The voice of one calling”

   What do you long for? What do you expect? What do you want? What do you desire? What do you dream about? If you said: “I do not want anything, I do not long for anything, I do not dream about anything,” it would mean that you have died, although physically you are still alive, spiritually you do not exist anymore.
   There’s another truth: “Tell me what you dream about and I will tell you who you are.” So,, the one who dreams– what do you dream about, you, the one who longs for– what do you crave, you, the one who wants – what do you fancy, in order to be able to answer yourself who you are.
   And do not feel ashamed if you catch yourself thinking that you want more money, or that you want to own more things, unless you end at that. Because you need to want to have more wisdom, honesty, freedom, courage, you need to want to love more, you need to want to trust more, you need to want to have more inner warmth, beauty, tolerance, and ability to forgive and forget.
   Just do not limit yourself to your own, personal matters. Look around. Care about your family, society you live in, your nation, your country, and the world.
   Desire that there is peace in your family, within your nation, in the world, that love rules at all levels of social hierarchy, in all social strata.
   It is said: “Dreams come true.” It is so. Thus, you have to want, long for and dream well. Because dreams change you, shape you after their mould.


   And such is your waiting for God, because He Himself is justice and peace, wisdom and freedom, courage and love. So, seek Him, long for Him, wait for His coming. Not at the end of your race, at the end of your days. Wait for Him at every moment of your life. Anticipate His light. Look out for His brightness. Yearn for His wisdom. Desire your personal salvation – so you can grow into wisdom, holiness, courage and freedom, so that His light can shine within you, so that His voice can sound within you, so that you can be filled with His beauty.

                                                                                                   Fr. MIECZYSŁAW MALIŃSKI

translation Monika Darron