strona do druku

October 20, 2009


     We, the ones who lean towards the future, towards tomorrow – yet we still look back.  For our past is within us – the recent and the very old past.  Within us the sleigh bells ring, highlanders’ fiddles play, we hear national anthem, songs of the Legions, whining of the sirens and roar of falling bombs, rattle of machine guns, cannon shots, and Chopin’s mazurkas.  Those old times still live within us.
     The memory lives within us; memory of the family, of the clan, and of the nation.  All those great personalities from the past, even from the very distant past – light up our way with the example of their wisdom, their greatness, their magnanimity. All the wretched personalities warn us against their stupidity, selfishness, greed, rudeness.
     But above all we have within us the atmosphere of our family home: our parents; their words, their example.  Leaning forward we feel that we have grown in a culture of our home, passed on us by our parents, our grandparents, and our family.