strona do druku

May 23, 2010

Receive the Holy Spirit

     Church it is the Upper Room.  We, who are gathered in Church, are the apostles.  We come Sunday after Sunday, sometimes on weekdays as well, to our Church, to our Upper Room - we, the Lord's apostles - and nothing happens.
     Until one day something will happen, and we are going to be stricken, and the heavens will open; and the things that we’ve heard thousand times all of a sudden will reverberate with full sound and we will experience a shock.  There will be feeling of such great happiness that our hearts will overflow.  And then we will understand everything.  Nobody will have to explain anything anymore.
     And then dark Sundays will come again.  Whatever resounded within us will get quiet.  Whatever has burned within us will die out.
     And then a moment will come when you discover new layers within a word; the ones you have never anticipated; and the song which you've been singing since forever will acquire a new sound.  Your throat will feel tight and you will be happy, almost entranced. Nobody will have to show or prove anything to you.  You will be filled with Holy Spirit already.
     It doesn’t have to be church —although you’ll always be an apostle.  This may be a meadow, forest, tram, apartment, conversation at a party, a tune heard on the radio or recorded on a CD.  And again your heart will rock, you’ll be filled with joy; you’ll be young again, trusting, ready to work.
     These are your holidays of Pentecost.