Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

April 6th, 2003
5th Sunday of Lent

"Risen above the earth"

   Each one of us is different.  Each of us sees differently, thinks differently; each one has a different cultural background, different personal culture, different points of view, and a different way of approaching things. 
   Let's not loose it.  Let's not bend to think like others do, to see like others do, to hear like others do. Let's think, talk, and act like free people, in our own ways.  Let's not be afraid of it, as long as we don't hurt anybody.
   Only then we can become a bit like explorers of unknown lands, a bit like Christopher Columbus, a bit like Nobel, a bit like the prophets - a bit like Jesus.  

Fr. M.M.

    translation: Monika Darron