Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

October 30, 2005
31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

"May he become your servant."

     Do not regard their salaries, their cars with drivers at their disposal, or their bodyguards with an angry eye.  All things considered, these are not important.  Demand from them what really counts: that they care about the wellness of the Polish state, that they take care of the job that was assigned to them.  Let them engage in that job as professionals, let them put their hearts in it.  Let this be their test of love for the nation, for the state, for Poland.
     You should have a grudge against them only if they merely take care of their own private affairs instead of doing their duty.
     You however should be equally demanding of yourself.  You should grade your love for the nation, for the state, for Poland within the same categories.

         Fr. M.M.