Tygodnik Powszechny

strona do druku

January 15, 2006
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

"What are you looking for?"

     We are looking for truth.  The totally minute, everyday truth - small like a little gray mouse - and this enormous one like a milestone, a basic one like a foundation rock, on which everything else rests.  That's why we read books and newspapers so relentlessly, we listen to the radio, watch, television, talk, ask, listen, compare and verify.  And we are happy when we find it.  As if we found a treasure in the ground or the most beautiful pearl.  And we put it on a pedestal so it can light up our ordinary days as well as our celebrations.  And so it can help us in finding more truths, because we need them all the time, like our daily bread.  May they sound like bells, like angels' choirs, or like a carol played quietly on a clarinet.  Let them shine like sun during the daytime and like moon in the night, or maybe even like a firefly lost in the bushes, because it is what we long for as well.

          Ks. M.M.