strona do druku

November 1, 2007
ALL Saints Day

"Great reward"

Stream of people keeps flowing through the earth.  A crowd
called human race.
Some are cheerful, singing and dancing,
others - sad, preoccupied, distressed.
Some keeping together;
others - walking separately, alone.
Some know why they live -
Others - don't know why they live,
they bump into each other.
Look carefully - you are going to see yourself
in this stream.  How do you go through life?  Do you know why you live?
All Saints Day includes
all people.  We are
the saints.  Created by God
for sainthood, for heaven, to be unified with Him.

Thus, due to this holiday, our world has broadened up.
This holiday reinforces our feeling of
bond with the great human family. ___________________________________________________________