strona do druku

May 18, 2008

„Peace be with you”

     Do you have your own environment?  Have you joined any group?
Do you belong to any specific community?  Do you meet?  Do you talk?  Are you friends?  Are you getting smarter thanks to them?  Are the ones with whom you belong getting smarter?  Are you an inspiration, a source, a nucleus for them?  Do you shape the community and at the same time do you feel that you are being shaped?   Do you feel that you are growing, that you are broadening your horizons?  Are you being criticized, but not destroyed?
     You choose people to be with – people choose you.  You agree to be in their company -- they agree to your company.  This may be two people, five people, two families, five families.  Maybe you call each other friends, acquaintances, or colleagues.  They lift you up, they raise the bar for you, they cheer you on, they wake you up from stagnation, refine you – and you refine them.   Or is the opposite true:  they scandalize you, destroy you, and corrupt you – just like you do to them.
     Have you noticed that the saying: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” comes true?

                                                                                           Fr. M.M.