strona do druku

August 31, 2008
22 Sunday of Ordinary Time

He will come in glory

     War is in the air.  Not only on the Georgia –Russia line. The stabilization of Europe and of the world has been shaken.
      War is in the air.  But you have to protect the peace of your soul.  May it be your strongest belief that war is a crime and that it does not lead to anything; that only love can build peace. 
      Perhaps you will tell me: “This is a lecture for politicians, not for us; ordinary people.”
      We radiate – with peace or with agitation, with love or with hatred, with desire for revenge or with forgiveness. We, as a nation, radiate over the politicians, the ones who govern our country.
      We radiate over what is going to be happening, we can influence things; with our convictions, reflections and experiences.  We shape the world of politics – with the atmosphere.  If we are deeply convinced that war does not solve anything, that only love shall be the basis for political solutions – then the war is not going to happen.

                                                                                        Fr. M. M.