strona do druku

September 10, 2008

The blessed ones

     It is suitable to thank God for the years of marriage.  For each year, for each winter, for each spring, for each summer, for each fall.  For each and every day.  It is fitting to thank God for all the years that have passed.
     When you say: those were difficult years -- I will tell you: you are right.  When you say:  But those were also joyful years -- I will agree:  you are right.
     Because it’s been your life.  And life is what it is.
It consists of joys and moments of sadness, of victories and failures,
of friendships and aversions, turbulent and serene times.
You thank God for all of it; to show appreciation for those years full of dedication, difficulties, effort and work.  Years filled with people – next of keen, friends, and acquaintances.  Years filled with roads – driving, running errands, visiting.  Years of performing professional duties. 
     It is fitting to thank God, and to ask Him for a blessing for all the years to come.  May they be many and may they be the best.  May they be the most creative, joyful and victorious.  This is what we wish for you and this is what you are praying for and we are praying for with you. 
     We congratulate you. Because you’ve lived till now in health - maybe not the best one - but in health, in good fortune and God’s blessing.  You have something to be proud of.

                                                                                             Fr. M. M.