strona do druku

September 28, 2008
26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

He’s come to his senses

     The fact that Merciful Jesus appeared in Poland, means something. God demands something from us!
     For unmerciful times persist here and God wants to save us. Through Sister Faustyna Kowalska and through priest Michał Sopoćko He calls us to be merciful.
     For it is not enough to believe that God is Merciful.
One has to be merciful towards other people, so that we could forgive the ones who’ve wronged us.  So that we could apologize to the ones whom we’ve hurt.  So we wouldn’t hurt others.
     Let’s demand mercy in the radio, TV, and press.  Demand mercy for the ones who argue, who fight, and who hate their neighbor.  So that tolerance, understanding and kindness prevail in our families, companies, and public life.  So our nation can serve as an example for other nations, example of brotherly love and mutual help.  We, who were endowed with Faustyna and Michał.

                                                                                             Fr. M. M.