strona do druku

September 17, 2008

Evil spirit

     September 17 – an anniversary of Soviet invasion of Poland.  We were stabbed in the back – a million of our soldiers were captured and placed in camps as prisoners of war, thousands of officers shot, policemen, state officials, scientists, and intelligentsia removed to Siberia.  Removal of entire families, in inhumane conditions, by cattle cars.  Half of the people died on route; due to frost or sweltering heat.
     Let’s remember September 17.  Remember our tormented and killed brothers.  Because it is said that the nation which forgets its past, loses its identity.  I am saying this because I am horrified by the results of a poll conducted among members of our society – it turned out that every other person in Poland does not know what happened on September 17, 1939.

                                                                                          Fr. M. M.